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Toyota Repair/2007 Highlander engine died after A/T oil temp came on


QUESTION: What could be wrong? Oil light came and replaced oil, then check engine, VCS land A/T oil temp lights came and the engine died.

ANSWER: Hello, does the engine crank when trying to start it? Does it do this and not fire up if not what happens when turning the key to start?
Is the car driveable now?

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QUESTION: Thanks. No it doesn't crank when trying to start it. When I turn the key the car interior lights come on, but no sounds from the engine. I tried starting it about 1 hour after it first died and it wouldn't start or crank. Now it's at the mechanic.

ANSWER: Ok, since it's at the mechanic's now just lete know what they say is wrong, it's hard for me to say at this time, if the engine ran out or low on oil there may be engine damage or the engine may have seized up .

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QUESTION: That's what is puzzling me. That morning Jiffy Lube changed the oil so I don't understand how the car could not have oil. What does it mean for an engine to "seize up?" Also, when the mechanic looked under the hood there wasn't a mess. We are the original owners and never had an issue before.

It's possible jiffy lube frogot to tighten the drain plug or the oil filter may have leaked, this should be obvious, if there was no oil in the engine it had to go somewhere or they didn't put enough oil in.
By seize up I mean the bearings may seize due to lack of lubrication causeing the engine to not crank over when trying to start, what does the mechanic say?  

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