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Hi. I have a sweet 1992 Toyota Cressida . Great cat an really good shape that runs like a dream. UNTIL! I had brakes and rotors done in Oct  2012. I drive only 2 miles to work so it wasn't until the 3 rd week of Dec that my brakes simply locked up. I took it back to the shop and they said that oil was introduced into the brake line and the hydraulics were ruined. The car would be cost prohibitive to repair and not worth it ( they said) . I look at that sweet car sitting in my driveway and I don't know how to proceed. How does one get the shop to admit that THEY put the oil in the brake line when they did the rotors? Is it really past fixing? I thank you for your advice!

Be realistic you are not going to get them to admit anything unless you can prove that in a small claims suit.
Since the brakes are already lockedup due to the wheel cylender pistons swelling up from the oil about the only thing you can try doing is to replace parts, wheel cylinders, caliper seals, master cylinder and have the brake lines flushed, these parts should be available online or most autoparts stores, you may get by for about $500 in parts.
After all is said and done and save all your recepts including original work order from the shop that did the brakes you can try recovering your money by filing a small claim in court, since the problem happened adfter they worked on it you may have a case, their argument will be that someone else (ie: you) put the oil in by mistake.  

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