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Toyota Repair/transmission and differential fluid replacement on 2006 Toyota RAV4


Local dealer informed me that, due to the color of the fluid in the transmission and differential, I should have the fluid replaced to the tune of about $475.  As I understand it, these fluids are good for the life of the vehicle and don't even have to be checked until 100,000 miles.  I have 70,000 miles of the 2006 RAV4.

Your thoughts?

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Toyota does not have a specific interval for fluid change on this transmission and you are correct, they state that it is lifetime fluid,most dealers however do recommend changing the fluid at about 90,000 miles, $475 seems way to high, just to change the fluid should be more like $250 or so, it requires a special procedure so it's a little more involved then just pulling a drain plug and then filling it back up.

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