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Charcoal Canister
Charcoal Canister  
Hello, I have a 2001 Toyota Echo, automatic trans, with almost 140,000 miles on it. A couple of months ago, the CEL came on with the codes PO440, PO441, and PO446. As they are all related to the evap system, I checked the basics first- the gas cap and vacuum hoses, and found that the hoses under the hood were all in rough shape, so I replaced them and reset the CEL. It ran fine for a while.

Recently, the light came back on, and it shows the same three codes as before plus PO3000 and PO301- misfiring in the cylinders, and you can definitely tell that it's running rough. It's particularly bad when idling (the car shakes, unless you slip it into neutral), and then it hesitates in acceleration.

It seems like the simplest answer is that there's a further problem within the evac system that is affecting the engine. The hoses under the car (around the canister) are in pretty good shape, and the canister itself seems fine. I'm not sure what to do next- should I be looking at the valves? sensors? purge solenoid?

I added a picture of the whole canister. There is rust,but it appears to be only on the casing/fasteners around what I think is the purge solenoid. I realize it's hard to tell without looking at it, but I would appreciate any input before I try to take it in or start spending any money on it. Thank you so much.

The misfire is probably not related to those codes, it may be due to a bad spark plug or coil pack on the #1 cylinder, it sounds like there may be issues with rust in your area, so the evap canister is definitely a possibility, a new one comes with the hoses and the VSVs attached, all three codes mean there is a large leak either at the tank/canister or possibly a vacuum leak under the hood at the purge hoses, try blocking the purge hose coming from the intake to the purge VSV and see if the misfire stops, if this is the case there should also be a P0171 lean code but you are not getting this, correct? If the purge solenoid was stuck open it would create a misfire and also a lean code.  

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