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I have a 1998 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl 2.2L automatic tranny. The car has 356,700 miles on original motor and tranny. recently the upper radiator hose and a heater hose began to leak so i decided to replace it. have recently replaced 3 of the 4 heater hoses and the upper radiator hose on the drivers side of the motor but a leak persists. not much but there is definitely fluid falling on the tranny. cant seem to find a leak all the hoses seem to be dry every time i check. also after changing the hoses and refilling the radiator an odd sound has emerged. had a friend of mine listen and say it was possibly a timing belt. sort of a rumbling sound, but is hard to accurately describe. just had it changed less than 1000 miles ago. sound only happens when idling and accelerating but sound fades out above 2500 rpm and when decelerating. cant help but think there is a correlation between the two

Hello, if the coolant leak is at the rear of the engine then it can't be the water pump, there is a pipe that runs from the front to the rear of the cylinder head, check to see if it is rusty underneath, it may be leaking there, there is also the coolant outlet housing at the back of the cylinder head which could leak, what I would suggest is to pressurize the cooling system using a pressure tester to pinpoint the source, most autoparts stores have a tool loan program so you can do this your self, as for the noise, it's hard to say without hearing it myself, my best guess is that the timing belt is not tight, it can be adjusted and checked by removing the upper timing belt cover.  

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