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QUESTION: Hi Ted,  My 1998 Camry XLE has 135,000 miles on it and I am wondering if I should have new shocks. If so, what would I need and approximately how much $.  Thank you for all your help.

ANSWER: Hello, if there are no handling problems and the struts/shocks are not leaking there is no need to replace them, has anyone checked to see if any of them are leaking or are you experiencing vehicle stability problems, clunking noises over bumps or chattering across pavement on turns? If none of these, chances are shocks are not needed at this time.
I know tire stores like to sell shocks and struts just based on mileage, so if one of them recommended shocks etc i would get another opinion. Most toyota dealer do an inspection for you at no9 charge.

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QUESTION: I have noticed some clunking noises which sound like front right side.  How many shocks does my car have?  Can you give me an idea of what is reasonable to pay for one chock installed?

ANSWER: Hello, there are two struts on the front and two at the rear, the difference between shock absorbers and struts is that the struts have the coil  springs attached, vehicles using shocks have separate springs for the suspension. The noise you are hearing is very common on Camrys, it is due to worn front strut upper mounts, these can be replaced separately without replacing the struts but they have to be removed anyway to replace the mounts so there is no cost reduction for labor, it is the same, at this mileage I would recommend replacing the struts as well as the upper mounts. Some autoparts stores like Autozone , O Reilly and Pep Boys are now selling the complete assembly which I would recommend, this will save some labor cost, my best guess is that they are around $120 each so please check around online, buy them yourself and then just have a mechanic install them, this should cost about $80 per side to install the complete strut assembly.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much.  You have really helped me.  I have another question.

Will my 1998 Camry need a tune up?  I have never had one.

Hello, it may be a good idea to due some type of maintenance including a tune up, tune up doesn't involve very much, new spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, there is nothing to adjust, the control module does everything else, at the same time it should be checked over for any other things that may be needed like brakes, oil/coolant leaks and all fluids checked.  

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