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Ive just replaced my head gasket  (found that one of the head bolts was hand tight). I had set up timing wrong, it was off by one sprocket( now ok), it had a misfire code which is now gone. Im now getting a P1349 code indicating a vvti problem, also the car will idle at 1200 rpm when in drive and warm. Ive noticed that the cooling fans come on for about two seconds when completely cold then go off but come back on again. done an oil flush, cleaned the screen before the vvti solenoid(not dirty), tested vvti solenoid by applying 12v to it and car stalled so it works.Ive pulled the vvti actuator and tried unlocking with air pressure it and it worked. This was on a toyota bulliten but i dont think its my problem. Could really use help as im not sure what problem could be, my best guess is maybe camshaft sensor is bad. When i  drive it it runs great and i can feel vvti kick in at higher rpms.

Hello, there is a bulletin that says to replace the VVTi gear if this code comes up and everything seems to check out ok, the code is set because the timing is off at certain rpms, if you are sure the cam timing is set correctly try replacing the VVTi gear/actuator.

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