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I have a 1986 toyota camry with 89k miles on it. My car has recently started to overheat. The radiator boils and the water in the reserve also boils to the point of spitting out the water from it's relief tube. The last time this happened I kept the car running and looked under the hood and noticed that my fans weren't working properly. There are 2 blades on my radiator fan and only 1 side works. The blade on the passenger side works while the blade on the drivers side doesn't spin at all. I checked the relay box and noticed that there are 3 fan relays, 2 circle and 1 square. When I pulled out the square relay, it turned the working fan off. Is that relay for the entire fan? I was going to switch the other 2 fan relays to see if maybe the other fan blade had its own relay that might be faulty, but the connections are different. Also, is it normal for the relays to get hot? The circle metal ones were. The radiator is about 3 years old and the water pump is about 2 years old. So I'm guessing that its the heat sensor, or thermostat, or a defective fan. However, I'm not a mechanic and I don't know what to do. I must also mention that my car has been losing alot of power and vibrates lately when I drive and constantly have to stop (stop signs, traffic lights, traffic). It feels as if its in a higher gear then it should be at the time. Maybe that has something to do with the overheating?? I don't know, please help me.

Hello, only one fan will work under normal driving conditions, the auxiliary fan only turns on when the a/c is turned on. It sounds like it may have a clogged up radiator again or a leaking head gasket, have the head gasket tested at a repair shop it's a simple test that most shops can do.

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