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QUESTION: I have an 05 4-runner that will not excelerate and the brakes seem to be having issues also the check engine light is on the VSC/trac ABS and brake light are also on it has a p code 2118 the 40amp ABS motor fuse blows as soon as another one is installed unless you unplug the 4 wire connector on the abs module and when the vehicle is running an annoying buzzing noise is heard constantly the vehicle goes in gear fine but only idles no response when you mash on gas pedel rpm,s stay right around 1000

ANSWER: Due to the abs malfunction the computer goes into a fail safe mode limiting the throttle to about 25%, the ABS motor assembly is most likely shorted which causes the fuse to blow, try replacing the ETCS fuse in the fuse box under the hood but it sounds like the ABS actuator/motor will need to be replaced.

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QUESTION: when replacing the motor can it be replaced or do you have to replace whole unit which would you suggest if the whole unit has to be replaced is there any special bleeding required or re programing or reflashing of the vehice ecm required

Thanks for the update, The ABS actuator comes complete with the ECU attached, bleeding the system can be done manually but is very time consuming, if you are careful and plug each line when removing to prevent fluid loss and manually fill each opening in the unit with brake fluid you have a good chance to get all the air out by manually bleeding the system, otherwise a Toyota diagnostic tool must be used. Nothing needs to be done to the ECM other than clearing the diagnostic codes.

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