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Hi. We have a 2006 Siennna with 85K and drives nicely. Suddenly, though, the automatic passenger sliding door wouldn't open with the ceiling switch. It tries to open (a little, then returns shut), and almost seems like it's stuck on something. Same with the inside door switches. However when we pull on the knob from the outside, it opens fine automatically. And when the door is open and we pull on the knob, it needs a push, then closes the rest of the way fine, but will not close with the buttons (again, it seems like it's stuck on something). We've had cold weather lately (below 30 degrees) but no snow or ice, and I remember with our last vehicle, a Honda Odyssey, we had door problems but only during the winter.

Any ideas?

Hello, most of these kinds of problems can be helped by making sure all moving parts are lubricated, use A spray silicon based lubricant and a clear grease if possible.
First inpect the door itself and make sure it not making contact with the body due to worn hinges etc, the hinge and rollers at the rear of the door have a tendency to do this, use the grease to lube the sliding areas where rollers go back and forth on the rear as well as the top and bottom rail surfaces, make sure these are clean then lube.
Lubricate the lower latch at the rear of the door upening, these are also a cause of stickibg etc and I have replaced a few of these, good luck and let me know if this helped at all,one final suggestion, you can try to intialize the door by turning the das switches to off, disconnect the negative battery cable open ond close the door manually, reconnect the battery and try it.

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