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QUESTION: 2009 Toyota Matrix Base 1.8.  Really two questions:
Maintenance guide calls for "tighten drive shaft bolt".  This is in the sections for "Normal" driving and is not listed as one of the 4WD drive items.  What is a drive shaft bolt and does it really need to be tightened every 15K?
I am coming up on 60K, do I need anything besides what is in the maintenance guide (car running great)?  I am thinking of the usual items that repair places try to push like transmission, brake, coolant and differential fluids.

ANSWER: The 2WD model has no drivehafts, it has two front drive axles, nothing to tighten there
if automatic transmission, it uses WS type fluid that does not need to be changed until 90,000 miles or so, the same for the engine coolant.
Spark plugs are iridium, 120,000 service intervals
Here is what you should have done at 60,000 miles
change oil and filter/top off all fluids
replace the air filter
replace the cabin air filter
rotate and inspect the tires for wear
inspect the brakes and adjust if applicable
the rest is just a visual inspection for oil/coolant leaks, belt condition, inspect the underneath, exhaust system, suspension etc  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The drive shaft bolt is not listed as 4WD like the propeller shaft bolt and why would Toyota charge (a lot) for tightening it?  
And I should also not worry about deferential fluid?

There is no separate differential on 2WD models, the differentials are part of the transmission.
The owner's manual and the dealer recommendations list a lot of things "to tighten" or check in their maintenance schedule, doesn't mean the mechanic working on it will do any more than just a visual inspection

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