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Toyota Repair/Front vibrations over 65mph


QUESTION: Recently bought 2000 Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan, automatic transmission with 66,000 miles on it from a dealer. They got it as a trade-in. It only had 2000 miles put on it last year and by tire and hood appearance, it had possibly sat, (under a tree), for awhile.
I immediately had a 65000 mile checkup done on it; fluids flushed, brake check, new engine belt due to cracking and an over-all check for vehicle condition, which was good.
Runs very smooth and quiet up to 65mph. Then there is a vibration. I just had new tires and an alignment done, and their inspection again found it in good shape, but the vibration over 65mph remains.
Started looking on Internet and have since found several complaints of this type on Corollas between 1998 & 2001, all looking for answers after trying the obvious.
Are you aware of a consistent or common issue of vibrations at higher speeds with this year and model and if so what the fix is? If not, what, in your opinion, would it most likely be.

ANSWER: Hello, most likely a front drive axle problem, excessive wear on the inner CV joints can cause this type of issue, I would recommend having the front axles checked for excessive inner CV joint play and if necessary remove the axle(s) and inspect them by removing the boots to inspect the joints.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your response, but have just two more questions.

First, is this a common problem for this year and model, (with only 65,000 miles on it)?

Second, additional, new, information is that this vibration stops at 75mph. Does this change your response or confirm it?

Thank you so much,
Virginia Hale

It's not a common problem, vibrations while driving are always caused by rotating parts, you had the tires already replaced so I would assume they have been balanced, out of balance tires usually cause vibrations at the speed you are describing, if you feel the steering wheel vibrate then it's most likely still an out of balance tire condition, maybe have them checked again before going any further. If the vibration changes while accelerating or if it goes away when shifting to neutral then it's not a tire problem, then I'm back to my first recommendation for the CV axles.  

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