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Toyota Repair/Cylinder 6 Misfire on a 2000 Toyota 4Runner


QUESTION: Hello we have taken our truck to two mechanics and we have been told it's going to cost us a fortune, which we definitely don't have!
So the engine light turns on and it chugs,sounds like it's going to stall, not all the time though, sometimes it will sometimes it doesn't, it seems like it only does it when the truck warms up, we were told to change the spark plugs and we did and change the coil which we did still the same thing, we hooked it up to a computer thingy and it said cylinder 6 misfire, we can't remember but I think it was code P0306, please any help would be muchly appreciated!!! Thanks Michelle

ANSWER: A single cylinder misfire does not mean a catastrophy, let me try to find out what is going on but I will need specific information back from you.
Standing front of the engine can you tell me which coil was replaced?
I know the spark plugs were replaced, was anything else replaced?
When they told you "it's going to cost a fortune" did they somehow justify that statement by telling you just what would need to be done to fix this?

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QUESTION: ok so the coil we changed if you are standing front of the engine is the middle one on the passenger side, we only changed that coil and all the spark plugs that's it, they said it would be expensive because they have no clue what it is and we would have to pay the mechanics wage until they find out what is doing it! Plus the part! and at 90 an hour that could add up!! thank you

Thanks for the reply, the best advise I can give you right now is to not deal with these people anymore, their explanation is unacceptable, saying it will be expensive but they have no clue why, is very unprofessional and unethical, it doesn't take long to find out why an engine has a misfire, if you have a Toyota dealer nearby, I mean an authorized dealer that has Toyota certified technicians, I would highly recommend paying the initial diagnostic fee of about $95 to have the computer scanned and to diagnose the problem, they will also recommend a course of action to take and what exactly needs to be done to correct the problem, I could do this in about an hour's time at the most, unfortunately I can't do that so hopefully a Toyota dealer can come up with a viable solution, best of luck and please reply back after going to the dealer to let me know what happened.  

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