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Toyota Repair/failed AZ emissions


1994 Toyota 4wd pu 3.0 6 cyl fuel injected  manual 5spd trans  it sat inoperable for several  years before I bought it  I drained and cleaned gas tank, replaced fuel pump, timing belt, water pump, egr modulator. Before theae repairs it read code 71, now check engine light does not come on and it runs well but it failed AZ emissions
hydrocarbons (NC) in grams/mle  allowed 1.60  my reading  3.48
carbon monoxide (Co) (OC) in grams/mle  allowed 20.00  my reading  33.24
oxides of Nitrogen (NOX)  allowed 3.00  my reading 2.00
passed fuel cap, evaporative system, and pressure test

Hello, the HC reading is more than double the limit so this seems to be the main problem, once this is fixed the CO may also come down, high hydrocarbon emissions are due to incomplete combustion, usually caused by a misfire, leaking valves, low compression, have you tried anything yet to repair the problem? Does the engine idle smooth and have no loss of power?  

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