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I just bought a 2008 Avalon touring edition. I the VSC light came on while driving down a slippery hill along with the check engine light. I had the code checked and it came back P0057 which list several things that could be wrong. I don't know if the check light is on because of the VSC or the other way round..I have an appointment next with week to have it look at, however the guy is good buy man is he expensive I would love to be able to give him a head start on what is wrong and save some money....

hello, this is not an uncommon code, it is for the heated oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor two, let me explain, sensors # 2 are always located after the catalytic converter in the exhaust, in your case (V6 engine)cylinder bank two is located at the "front" near the radiator, bank one is at the firewall, the solution is usually to replace the sensor at bank two that is located behind the catalytic converter, pretty straightforward, use a good quality sensor preferably from the dealer, if not an option try to use a sensor made by 'DENSO' it's the same as OEM and they are available from most larger auto parts suppliers. Some of the other brands like Bosch etc, may be good but I would no recommend them for a Toyota, parts and labor should less than $200.00  

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