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QUESTION: The Avalon has 225000 Kilometres on the clock but still goes problems! EXCEPT that when I start up on a cold morning the cruise control sets OK BUT drops out after about 5 minutes.It then (as the car "warms up") drops out quicker until it sets only for a few seconds or so before dropping out. The cruise indicator light on the dash shows properly all the time but the cruise function drops out. I feel it must be an electrical component somewhere that heats up with use and causes the problem dropout.The Toyota dealer told me to go to an auto electrician and the auto electrician sent me back! I don't have the expertise to suggest anything to the dealer or the A.E.....where do I go from here? Is this a common or known problem?
Ian J

ANSWER: Hello, check the brake fluid level in the reservoir, if it's near the minimum line add fluid to the max line and recheck cruise operation.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes Clint...Hope you had a good holiday! Checked the Brake fluid level..98% full...topped it up with two tablespoonfuls!NO change. I thought that a lower level was the cause for secondary brake light remaining on? control still cuts out after about 5 mins from cold getting down to about five or ten seconds as/when the motor warms up. Blue(green?) dash light still lights up  OK but control just cuts out no warning or obvious clicks or's really puzzling...Annoying not to be able to select a possible area of fault...electronic (expensive!) or mechanical/loose fitting...(too easy!) Toyota dealer acted as if it wasn't something THEY knew anything about!! Auto Electrician said they should! Impasse!
Ian Jefferys (81 and an ex engine fitter RAAF)

Hello Ian
Let me check some of my files and see if we can check the diagnostic system for the cruise control, maybe that will turn something up, I'll be back in a short time.

Ok, here are a couple of things to check, the cruise control actuator cable and the electrical connector, the actuator is under the hood near the front, you can see the two cables that are attached, I'm attaching a picture to illustrate, remove and re install the electrical connector and make sure it is attached all the way, inspect the connector for damage, check to make sure the operating cables are attached. Next time the cruise control stops working immediately check the brake lights, make sure they are not staying on, this could be a malfunction of the brake light switch, if the brake lights turn on for any reason the cruise control shuts off, replacing the switch is relatively inexpensive and may be worth a try, please let me know if any of this helped or have more questions/comments.

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