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QUESTION: I have a 2010 4Runner and I like to haul my kayak inside the vehicle with the rear cargo door open.  However, it beeps like crazy when you start moving.  Is there a way to disable the beeping?

Also, is the valet key waterproof?

ANSWER: The beeping can be turned off using Toyota's techstream  diasgnostic tool at the dealer it is a simple process which takes only a few minutes, some dealers do this for you at no charge, the transponder key is water resistant but if underwater for an extended time it may cause damage to the inner circuits.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Follow up:
I finally went to the dealer and they said the cargo door buzzer is NOT programmable.  They added that things that might be a safety issue are generally not changeable.  So, if you have more specific information regarding the programming of the cargo door buzzer please share with me and I will take to the dealer.

Also on the valet key, when you say transponder key are you specifically referring to the valet key too?  The valet key seems fully waterproof by looks but I want to be sure before risking getting it soaked.  I understand the standard door keys are water resistant and not waterproof, but it's the valet key I'm really asking about.

Thank you!

The valet key is basically no different in design except it is a gray color instead of black, some features are not programmable, I'm not sure if the beeper is triggered by the latch or the door light switch, see if there is a button on the door opening that turns the dome light on and off, if so you can disable the beeping by somehow making the switch stay pushed in, I kind of think that the switch may be built into the latch, if this is the case open the hatch and engage the latch using a screwdriver, push it in until it clicks and stays in position, this will make the computer think the door is closed.  

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