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QUESTION: Mr Ritter, Once again I come to you for your knowledge & support. My right side high beam light bulb is NOT BURNED out but inserting a new one it still will not work. If it's the socket could it be a fuse & if so how would I know. The mechanic was baffled by it also.

My second question is I bought my 2002 RX300 Lexus in 2005 and the driver's side armrest is very cracked. I have looked online & gone to repair places & no one knows where or how to replace it, any suggestions (beige)in color.

Lastly, when doing highway driving why with the o/d on do I only get 18.3 miles to the gallon, except when going through mountains I turn it OFF. Same as everyday street driving with the o/d on. Is there a way to re-set it on the dash?
Why don't I get more gas mileage?
Thank You for all your knowledge & help!

ANSWER: Helo, there are headlight fuses in the fuse box under the hood, each side has it's own hi and low beam fuses so please check those, I think the dealer would be the best place to get that armrest part, they should be able to sell you a complete armrest, the O/D will use more fuel since it will keep the vehicle speed at the set value no matter what, which includes downshifting and increase in engine rpm.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

the dealer did check the fuse box next to the engine and it showed fine that's why we are baffled.  

he also wanted over $300 for an armrest so I guess I'll just have to live with it, I bought it used in 2005 & hasn't changed that much.

are you saying to get better gas mileage have the o/d OFF? HIGHWAY OR LOCAL DRIVING ON OR OFF?
Is there any additives I could use. I am leaving soon on a trip from Toledo, Ohio to Ft Myers, any tips?

thank you for your wonderful knowledge!

The wires from the socket to the fuse box need to be traced for an open circuit, if both sides of the fuse has power then it is lost between the fuse and the socket. I think you'll get better mileage not using the O/D so you can control the accelerator yourself, make sure your tires are inflated to about 35 psi

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