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Our Tacoma takes some coaxing (usually around 3sec of cranking) to start. It does not matter if hot or cold star. I've got 120K on the engine and have replaced fuel line filter(did not help). However,we have not replaced timing belt at this point.  Do we need a specific type  fix , or just a tune up? I am afraid we will wear out the starter at this rate. Your suggestions will be welcomed. Thank you for you attention to this . JB

The timing belt should have been replaced at about 90,000 miles, the spark plugs should be replaced at 60,000 miles, use the correct dual gap plugs, my first step would be to replace the plugs and air filter and fuel filter, (basic tune up) and replace the timing belt soon. I'd also clean the throttle body using some spray carbon cleaner and a brush to get all the carbon deposits out and a can of fuel additive, I think this will help.

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