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I need help PLEASE! I have a old 1986 Toyota Tercel. The driver window is manual. It keeps coming off the track. I've taken the door panel off and set it back on the track but don't thing anything is holding it there and I'm not sure if there should be something to do the job. What I do know is this is the second time I've tried to do it myself and I'm frustrated. I roll it up and down a zillion times put it back together and first roll down there it goes again. It's like the last piece of trim just knocks it back off and I really don't want to leave the trim off because it looks ugly, and believe me this car looks ugly enough. I guess my question is, am I supposed to be putting a clip on it somewhere to hold window in place? The window putty stuff? Or something? There's only little holes that I can see through so I can't see if there should be something clamped on to the frame and window to make it stay or what. Just hoping some smart man could help this old lady out. lol

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Windows usually come off track because the window regulator is worn or the guide channels on the front and rear of the glass are either broken loose or the bolts fell out, the glass itself has metal tabs along the bottom where the regulator is attached to the glass, make bolts are there

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