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"Check Hybrid System" message shows up on dash display. Went to parts store and the troubleshoot codes are P0171, P0A93 and C1241. The Fluid in the inverter coolant tank was low so I filled it up and the light went off. I drove it 70 miles and light is back on. Coolant level was low again so I filled it back up but the light saying Check Hybrid System stays on. What could be wrong?

Hello, the P0171 code if for a lean fuel/air condition, this may be cleared up by cleaning throttle body and the mass airflow sensor, P0A03 is an inverter insufficient coolant flow warning, since the coolant goes down there may be a leak in the inverter cooling system, most likely the inverter coolant pump, do not ignore this for too long because repeated overheating of the AC-DC inverter can cause damage to it and they are very expensive, the C1241 indicates that the auxiliary battery was low at one point, it's probably time to replace it, so it should be checked using the proper equipment or if original just replace it. It's located in the trunk.  

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