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Toyota Repair/Bleeding brakes on 2009 Camry hybrid


QUESTION: I replaced the brake accumulator found I needed to have the PC board plugged in to bleed the lines but I tried to start with the accumulator bleeder but nothing came out any special steps need to do this? I did notice all was needed to bleed the line,. Was to have someone lightly apply pressure to the brake pedal  then crack the line one at a time at the wheel for a second the pump did the work. I did. Have a VSC fault come up after an hour of driving  it did shut down  the accumulator pump I parked it for a couple hours while at a store when I started it up the didn't show up it worked fine. I wondering  if I did this the right way?

ANSWER: The correct procedure actually calls for using the Toyota techstream diagnostic tool, there are several steps and it is very time consuming, is the brake pedal pressure normal and are all warning lights staying off, if so then you should have no problem.

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QUESTION: One other issue  when like rolling slowly with the my foot on the brake the car in motor mode 1mph to 5mph it pulses or like it hunting to stop or go  could this be a wheel sensor? Or software issue, possible dithering signal? Signal counts too sensitive? possible a way to change parameters? The PC board mounted to the back of the brake acculmatlor is that the ABS system  or is their another on board computer?

That's the ABS computer mounted on the back of the accumulator that has all the brake lines on it, hard to say what that hunting to stop or go condition is unless there is a VSC or ABS warning light on, a bad speed sensor would set a code as would all other sensors related to ABs/VSC. I know of now way to change parameters of the vehicle ABS or VSC system, if it works as designed then there should be no problem.

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