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I have an 01 corolla S automatic with 144K. Recently a check eng scan is throwing 0420 code. I was told its the CAT converter and quoted a $1475. price. The garage said he will not put an aftermarket CAT on due to the check eng light not going out. Am I being taken or will the aftermarket CAT take care of the problem?  

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello, I see no problem using an aftermarket cat, since you are in Pennsylvania you can use a "49 state" cat which is legal anywhere except California, just use a good quality not the real "cheap" ones, I had one put on my 04 matrix last year at a muffler shop for $800 and this was the more expensive California certified model, no problem, I would advise that you have a muffler shop do the whole job, they will usually give you a warranty at about half the cost you mentioned.

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QUESTION: My Corolla has been using oil however no one is able to find the problem. No leaks anywhere. The car runs great.  I did check 2 muffler shops for the converter and they quoted me $400. & $700. sure is a big difference in price. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the reply, some of these Corolla engines have some oil consumption issues, due to piston ring wear, using one quart in about 1000 miles is borderline but not that bad, so keep an eye on it and check to see just how much it uses. Toyota realized this problem and had issued a service bulletin to replace the pistons and rings with updated parts, doing this may not be worth the expense, oil is relatively cheap so just keep adding as needed, unless there is lots of smoke from the exhaust I would not worry about it.

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