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Hi, Mr. Ritter, today my son hooked my battery up backwards in my truck, no explosions, but there was a delay in the engine turning over, but the headlights stayed on even when they were turned off, and the key out of the ignition. so I made him unhook everything, and I put another battery in, it starts really good, however none of the dash lights or gauges work, and I have to push the gas pedal almost all the way to the floor, before it has any kind of acceleration noise or movement, I have checked all the fuses under the dash inside and they all appear ok. can you please help. I have a 2001,Toyota Tundra, Extra Cab, 8 cylinder, automatic Transmission,140,000 miles, I have owned it for 6 years, it has had new tires, turned rotors, oil changes faithfully, every 3000,miles with all fluids checked and leveled off. and a new battery, everything else has been great until now, and just a new battery has been installed, of course the correct way, and that's all that has been done as far as any repairs. Thank You Very Much Laura,

Hello, there are more fuses under the hood in the fuse box near the battery, I suspect that a few are blown there, please check those carefully, the best way to check fuses is with a 12 volt test light available at the hardware store, with the key on ,check the fuses by touching each of the metal tabs on top with the positive probe and the alligator ground clip connected to a metal part. Any fuse that is blown will only light up on one side.  

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