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Toyota Repair/2005 Matrix XRS Air Injection Pump


I have a 2005 Matrix XRS and I am having idle problems. (Manual 6 speed)

(Apologizing in advance for my lack of knowledge)
The biggest problem is that it idles very high while in neutral and also while in gear when trying to accelerate. When I press the gas pedal it accelerates very slowly but revs very high. I have to let off of the gas to lower the revving and then press it again to speed up, takes forever to pick up speed. Also does this in cruise control.

It also low idles and sometimes shuts off when I slow down to turn. (this doesn't happen as often as the above)

These are the codes I'm getting:
P0505: Idle Control System Malfunction
P2444: Sec Air Inj Sys Pump Stuck On/Off

I've had the IAC Valve cleaned but still having the same problems and it's getting worse.

Had a friend that works for Toyota check it out and he found that the hose is missing from my air injection pump and there's a hole there, also there's a cable that hooks into the pump that is loose/cracked.

My step-daughter wrecked the car about 6 months ago so I'm pretty sure that's when everything got ripped out.

Trying to find this part at a decent price has become almost impossible.

New: I'm looking at around $650 with my Toyota friend's discount (Reg: $950) Plus labor of course.

Used: No luck as of yet

I've been to EVERY junk/salvage yard within a 100 mile radius and I've called all over the US, checked google, ebay, etc...

My question is: Is there a cheaper way to repair this without having to replace the entire pump or is there a way to reroute completely? (is it needed?)

Signed: Lost and discouraged

Hello, I'm afraid there is no other way to repair this without replacing the entire pump, the P0505 code can be related to this problem but in most cases the complete throttle body needs to be replaced, you can try cleaning the carbon out on the inside and see if that helps but usually the 505 means there is a problem with the control motor on the throttle body or the connection is damaged, possibly related to the accident.

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