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Toyota Repair/Check engine light, VSC, Trac Off


QUESTION: Turned on lights, disconnected positive battery cable, waited 30 minutes reconnected.  Lights briefly went out, then came back on.  Same thing happened when I disconnected the negative battery cable.

Car runs fine.  A local shop ran codes and saw the following:


Any idea what the problem is?  Any idea how to fix?

Thanks, Dan

ANSWER: Hello, I need to know the rear model and mileage of the vehicle, thanks.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Vehicle is a 2010 Toyota Sienna LE (manufactured in 2009), mileage is 65,149, V6.

Thanks, the first concern are the P0051 and the P2197, both codes are for the air/fuel ratio sensor bank 2 sensor one, this is located in the exhaust manifold near the radiator, a common problem, you can see the sensor wire coming from the manifold, you may need a special O2 sensor socket to remove it. Replace this sensor and the C1201 should then clear without any further action required, it's an abs/ skid control code which can be triggered by the check engine light by default. The last one is an immobilizer malfunction detected, if the vehicle starts normally and runs I don't see a connection between this and the other codes, maybe a non transponder key was used at some time in the past.  

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