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Toyota Repair/96 Camry won't start


QUESTION: Had to start a new thread. I took the igniter module to auto zone. They tested it 5 times, passing each time. A new one is around $188 so i put the old igniter module back on. I removed all spark plugs & they looked kinda rough so i bought new plugs & wires. With no plugs installed i checked for spark at spark plug with a new plug & wire by grounding one plug & trying to start the car. Lookes like good blue spark. In addition with no plugs in & cranking engine over i could smell gas strongly ( i was thinking possibly gas problem behind all this) so i think it's getting gas & spark.I installed the new spark plugs & plug wires. I tried to start the car but it still will not start.  If you still think it's the igniter module i will buy a new one & try... or what now ?

ANSWER: Well I really don't think it's the igniter module if you are getting spark now and it still won't start. Let's back up a little, how did this no start situation come about? Did it quit running while driving? Was there any loss of power before this? Or did it just not start one day after being parked?

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QUESTION: No loss of power. It just didn't start one day after being parked the previous day. As i mentioned the other thing that comes to mind is for well over a year whenever it was rainy or high humidity out, when started it would run very rough for about 5 minutes. If i tried to drive, it would almost stall so i always let it warm up for a few minutes then once the engine warmed up it ran fine.

What you're describing about the rough running in rainy weather is usually related to the secondary ignition system, coil, spark plugs, distributor, plug wires. You mentioned yesterday that there was now spark, does the engine not start at all or does it try to, backfire, popping through the intake? Anything like that?
If nothing at all I would check for injector pulse voltage and injector supply voltage, with the key on each injector should have near battery voltage to one wire, once these are identified connect a test light across one of the injector connectors, when cranking the engine the light should flash, there are special lights called noid lights available from the auto parts store, these give off a much brighter light flash than the regular test light have a better connection to the connector on the harness side.

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