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Toyota Repair/Re- 2.2 HB Celica problems


QUESTION: Hi, I have 1990 Toyita Celica HB 2.2 ltr Manual, for AU not sure exact mileage ATM , but I think it abt 265.000.
Iam rebuilding  it full looks outside & some custom interior , Iam doing it all by my self( kind of a Project of myne) 4 abt 3 years now... So it not been running all that time period.
Well getting close to finish now, putting all back & ready to put it on the road. Now I changed a fuel filter,but had magger problem getting the old 1 out, as the connection on the bottom, has a nut, & I belive it was there since 1990,  cos it was almost weld it on it, so it got all fully rounded of, that was a mishion 2 unscrew & taking it out. But some how I managed, but due to all that trying had to twist and bend that filter and the fuel line ( coper 1 from the tank) to bring it up 2 get more acsess 2 it cos it was the bottom 1. So basicly wantted to know, & to check if it gona hold the   Pressure., and all these bending didn't make the crack in it, & not leaking.
When tryed starting 4 the 1st time, it would crank, but did not start.. Anyway it took ages  to pump the fuel in to the system( was completly dry & empty) . It Finaly started, but was misfiring, like 1 or more cylinders wasn't  working, & had 2 keep the gas pedal, or it would stole. Checked spark plugs, 1 only was ok the rest Black, from misfiring I guessed , after lots of atemps wi plugs & in & out wi them, had discovered 2 plugs had cracs in them & 1 was completly fully split in half. When taking it out had to do it in 2 parts.. Hahaha
Ended up just bying and replacing all 4 next day, It stabilised  in idling ( running wi no gas pedal depressed) but when exelarating., same sound ( try sound, not in tact, like 1 cylinder not working) so misfiring . I took off & cleaned the cap & rotor in side, took plugs out and in take and treated all with Troutle body & intake cleaner foam spray, sprayed it in every spark plugs hol left it overnite, and tootle body. Got much better results, started from half a turn, no gas pedal at all, the idling, I thout was a bit High but very very steady, not racing, not pulsing. But still when acselarating it misfires. When do it slowly, it sims ok ( considering  ) but when do it fast and rapidly, again that try sound like 1 cilynder is not working also when did it fast and high, it shot back sounded, but not in to  the exoste, it fired back in to the intake. O have 2  say that I got rid of the air box, trying to build a long ram intake with the conus closed filter, still waiting on some more pipes, but have tempely made proper and air tide attachment  for the air flow sensor, that gous inside the tube beetwen filter and throttle body. So was trying  to diagnose it true PC. But bieng OBD 1 I tryed to cheat it by plugging  the converter cable from the car " diagnostic Link " to 16 pins OBD2 to hook up the scanner, but aperantly it didn't work, the scaner not even getting power from that link thrue the conversion cable. So just bridged the Te & E1 pins in the link, connected the gages cluster, so can see the engine light, and it gave only one code "24" which rufly points to a foulty air flow sensor or bieng open Circe in that area. Now not sure what should  be the resistance on that sensor, but I belive it currently measering 1.5 on the lowest Om's - 200k Setings. If you know it, that would be great. In the min wile I have taken the Throtle body off, to clean that hall part.. On the other side, OMG it was like  2 mm of black black hard carbon or what ever it mutated in 2.  Lol. Same was in side of that "empty" EFI cylinder intake. So spraide that all inside the intake and cleaned the throttle body all in and out, still left it to soak, for now, will finish it off with normal degreaser and wash it , than dry it 2 morow. Also few vacuum little hoses had  1 or 2 cuts, so may be system had little air leaks also, not sure ATM. Now  I did not separated The ICU from the throttle body, so cleaned it 2gether, it looks like it sitting prity solid in there, also the throttle sensor, left it on it, only unscrewd the electric connection of the ICU. Do You think I should've taking them both off-??? Also if you know how to test or messer them, it would be great.. ( the ICU & the Trothle  sensor). And do you think that the symptoms it having are directly linked to the error code -24 that the system picked up, or are they separate problems-??? Thank you very much in advance, if you can assist me, that would be great. Thanks a lot.
Tony. :)

3SF-E engine
3SF-E engine  
ANSWER: Hello, what country do you live in?
Does your engine look like this picture?

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QUESTION: Hi, I sad b4 it was for AU. Australia. And yes it looks same as the picture, but 4some reason I thought that my model was the 5SFE...

ANSWER: Hello, I read your  entire story a couple of times and it seems there is a lot of things you have done, some of which I don't quite understand so I guess my question to you at this time is what exactly is the problem with the engine now, then I will review your post again and see if there is any correlation between what the problem is and the history of what you have done already.

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QUESTION: Hey there, Thank You for responding. Sorry if you couldn't understand, it probably my English ( not my 1st langvich, lol)
Well I fully cleaned and unblocked every little Chanel on the Throtle body and the Idle control unit. Some channels in it had bin blocked so bad it had som kind of mutant mucus living there, so got all out, also wile was open cleaned as much as I could the EFI cylinder. Changed few vacuum hoses, I think from the EGR system. And put it all back. Started up nice. Running and idling  pretty smooth now, I think, well defenatly way better than b4.
But, on the fast, continues  & rapid acselarations, it seems to be choking.( maybe detonaides, like sounding that only 3 cylinders are working, if you know what I mean, and misfires )
But when it worms up on it on, the RPM drops from high to low, wich is a normal thing, and if acselaratiing slowly or very smooth, it Dasn t show any above simp toms, there for responds good, but all that with no load though, I can't just yet take it on the road for a spin..
And the internal link system still picks up and shows the " Error Foult-24 "
So thinking now, 2 what I have asked you b4, if the error code and it symptoms are separate problems, but no they must be directly connected.. ( the code 24  and choking & misfiring on the fast rapid acselaration.
And I checked wile the car is running, with normal wormed engine, & idling --I have pulled out the wires connection from Air Tempreture sensor, and there was No even a sliteast change in idling or rpm...and that is exactly what code-24 means if Iam correct

Yes, the code 24 is for the air temperature sensor, it does not cause the problem you are having, it is only a minor input for the computer, the main temperature input is the engine coolant temp sensor, have you replaced the fuel filter yet, if not try doing that, it sounds like it may be running out of enough fuel under load.  

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