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Hello and thank you taking the time to read this question.To start off with I have a 91 Toyota Corolla DX station wagon with a 1.6 liter 4 cyl and auto trans.Awhile back it just quit out of nowhere.The check engine light came on and stayed on for awhile.I figured since it did ,it must have stored a code.However after trying my scanner I found no codes.So I started it back up again and used an engine stethoscope and heard arcing inside the distributor which was causing a miss condition in the idle.What would happen is it would idle fine at start up and then bog down acting like it was fuel starved and then die completely. This would happen usually as soon as the engine was warmed up and the choke disengaged.I checked resistance on the coil and found it lacking .1.5 ohms.I believe stock is supposed to be 2.3 ohms.So I figured I would replace the distributor since they seem to have issues with those years .I replaced it with a brand new unit O.E. complete with cap, coil, rotor,ignition module.Now after start up the choke doesn't seem to work and it barely idles.Does the ECU have to relearn the new part and reset itself or did I somehow miss something along the way ?

Hello, the 1991 obd 1 system does not have the capability to relearn the idle parameters, it is possible on this engine to manually adjust the idle, there should be an adjustment screw on the throttle body, ity is inside a hole about1/2" diameter, it may have a rubber plug so remove it and turn the slotted screw inside, be sure that all intake hose connections are tight and no cracks visible in the rubber hoses.  

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