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Toyota Repair/Timing mark not lining up on a 22r 1994


It was like this before it got rebuilt . It passed smog till they putt the timing gun on it , it was off by 30*  , I don't think it's a tooth off on the distributor , it runs good when set by ear, I looked at the balancer and it all looks lined up,what else could it be ? Could the rubber in between the 2 pices of the balancer stretch when the eng is running ? Could the distributor be bad ?

It could be a balncer problem so verify that the RDC mark is correct, remove the number one spark plug and put t thin rod in the hole until it contacts the top of the cylinder, rotate the engine until the piston comes all the way up and just before it goes back down, that should be pretty close to TDC, check the pulley and make sure that it is ob the zero mark, if it is the next step is to check the cam timing, make sure the cam sprocket is lined up exactly with the mark on the upper cam bearing  housing.

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