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QUESTION: Have a 09 Toyota Corolla with 190k, mostly highway miles, on a manual transmission, C59.  There is a noise coming from what seem  to be the transmission, a grinding/rumbling sound.  When I step on the clutch the sound goes away but comes back when the clutch is released and the  motor is under load.  The sound seems to be constant in all gears and at all speeds.  Have checked the transmission fluid level and the CV and wheal bearings.  Wondering what it could possibly be and what a solution I have!


ANSWER: Hello, without the car moving start the engine and put it in neutral, is the noise there without pushing the clutch in? If so,  does it go away when pushing the clutch in.

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QUESTION: The noise only is present when the car is moving and  in gear, any gear.  If the clutch is engage, the noise does not occur, but as soon as the clutch is started to be released the sound starts .  I also noticed that the noise will occur when the car is descending a long hill  and in gear, with no gas applied, engine braking as it were.  With the car rolling and in neutral again there is no noise.  Also, it the shifter is pushed in gear,without shifting, say 3rd gear and it is pushed in the opposite direction of the shifting motion the same sound seem to be present.  Not sure if that helps


ANSWER: Thanks, it sounds to me that the problem is in the differential unit of the transmission.

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QUESTION: Do you think it would be a bearing or a gear?  Should this be fixed asap or can it be put off as to more of an annoyance?  Would you know if this is a common problem with the toyota C59 transmission?  


Sounds to me like a gear noise because it changes with acceleration or deceleration, a bearing will make constant noise. You can wait until it gets louder but keep in mind that on the corolla the transmission and differential share the same fluid so any metal contamination in the differential wiil cause transmission failure sooner or later, in any case you are looking at a large repair bill to replace the transmission with a rebuilt or remanufactured unit, you can save a lot of money be locating a used unit then have someone install it or do it yourself if you have all the tools and ability to do so.m

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