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Hi Ted

2003 Camry 4 cyl; 168,000 miles; My small power steering hose(return hose?) is leaking where the hose fits onto the reservoir. Small drip. Only adding fluid about every month and just a very little, so not much of a leak, but itís all over my wheel well, etc because Iíve let it go. Can I replace just the rubber hose (NAPA has a 3/4" hydraulic power steering hose); the entire line is ~$270; canít afford that right now. I know the shape/contour of the hose wonít be the same. The instructions on the hose package is for replacing the hose only, not the entire line. But wanted your opinion.

And are there any tips I need to know to make it easier? I tried removing the old hose but couldnít get it off the reservoir nipple. The hose is loose, it will turn on the nipple OK, but wouldnít come off. Just realized, maybe I have to remove the screw that holds the metal line to the wheel well so I have some slack.

Thanks, Ted.

Hello, I don't see paying $270 for the entire assembly when all you need is the rubber hose part. there is very little pressure in this hose it is only a return line and I can't see any reason for not getting a piece of hose made for this purpose and replacing it, it goes from the reservoir to a fitting on the pump the same as on the reservoir. to get the hose off the reservoir use a single edge razor blade and cut lengthwise along the fitting, use clamps on both ends of the new hose.

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