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QUESTION: I have a 95 Toyota camry. Drove it from easternshore VA to Raleigh nc. Ran fine after for about a week then died on the freeway check engine light on. Started a couple of times after but bearly got over 20 then died again had to get it towed. Looked at spark plugs number 1 and 3 had oil on them changed all the spark plugs thinking maybe that's what was wrong. Now only clickes won't crank can anyone help me need my car mother of 4 small children moved here to start new.

ANSWER: Hello, it sounds like the alternator stopped charging the battery and it is now dead, the alternator may need to be replaced, if it can be jump started take it to an autoparts store like Autozone or Pep boys and have the charging system tested. If after jump starting it dies right way that would confirm that the alternator is the problem.

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QUESTION: I have tried to jump start left it on charge for about 30 min still just clicks

First check the battery connections and make sure they are tight and there is no corrosion, if the starter still only clicks with a known good battery attached then is seems the starter is not working and may need to be replaced. That still doesn't explain why the engine died, a bad starter should not cause that, sounds like there are two problems, like I said the first thing to check is to make sure the starter is getting enough voltage so be sure the battery you are jumping with is good, try leaving it running with the other battery connected while trying to start.

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