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Mr. Ted Ritter,

I'm 48 years old, currently in a desperate situation where I need to get my mother's car fixed, where we cannot afford to replace it.  I've worked at a shop for few years and have some knowledge on cars.  

We have a 2001 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cyl, 79,000 miles.  I've kept the car well maintained and recently ran into a problem of the engine stalling when slowing down (20 mph) to come to a stop (or a turn).  It just doesn't die quickly, the RPM drops below 500 and the car shakes erratically and ultimately dies.  I tried to keep it alive by putting into Nuetral and giving gas.  It stays alive while giving gas but tries to die when I put my foot off the gas pedal.  Then the car won't restart right away (engine just turning).  It will restart in about 1~2 minutes and the car runs fine again as if nothing has happened.  No CEL comes on.  

To give you further info, this happens intermittently and it seems to happen only when the engine is HOT and more often when coming to a stop after driving over 45 MPH.

I've personally replaced the following parts so far to no avail:
Spark Plugs & Wires
Ignition Coils
PCV Valve
Idle Air Control Valve (Dealer part)
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Gas Cap* (Dealer Part)
* I've been also getting CEL P0440 code (many times) and P0442 (once) which are EVAP small leak issues and have no direct relation to car stalling (I think).  I changed the gas cap it I still get CEL with P0440 code.

Can you be so kind to share your expert knowledge and possibly give me an advise on how to fix the stalling problem that we have?  My mom is now afraid to get in the car to drive as it stalled on her few times.

Thank you in advance for your time and advise.


hello, there is a possibility that the evap system purge vsv may activate when it's supposed to be closed, this can cause additional air to enter into the intake causing a lean run condition and false a/f fuel value to the computer, the vsv is located near the air filter  and has one hose coming from the intake manifold which has constant vacuum, the other hose goes to the evap canister to store the fumes which are then put back in the intake at a time determined by the computer, usually at higher cruising speeds, if this should happen when the engine is at idle it will causue it to stall.  

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