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Hi Ted,
This is a question about a 1992 Camry V6.  Had the same problem 3-4 yrs ago and it ended up being the ECU which controls the amount of gas each injector receives based upon temp, speed, etc. Apparently one (or more) injectors is getting too much gas causing excessive smoking and flooding of the engine. The Dealer says he can "hear" the injectors pushing gas into the cylinders, so he doesn't believe it's an injector problem. He says there isn't a test program (software) to determine if it's the ECU - because the car is too old and no software existed for the 1992 Camry.  He, for whatever reason, is reluctant to replace the ECU since it may not be the problem. If he replaced it, and it wasn't the problem, I'd be stuck with the ECU, which goes for $100+ on the internet. It's a hit or miss issue with replacing a part that may not be the issue but he doesn't offer any other solutions. He did replace the air emissions valve which had no affect on the problem. I guess I need someone who can "test" the injectors and the ECU to determine if it's the problem?  Who/where should I start with?  Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Hello, the older models can be a little difficult to diagnose since they use the OBD1 diagnostic system . I can understand the deale5r's reluctance to replace the computer if it may not solve the problem, there are wiring issues to also be concerned about (between the injectors and the ECM), also mechanical issues, a loss of compression in one cylinder for example, leaking head gasket a bad spark plug or ignition wire, things like that,any of these would cause fuel to not be burned, very basic stuff.  have these things been checked, I have no way of knowing at this time. If your concern is with the ECM itself and you would like to eliminate it as the possible cause then either replace it or send it to a specialty shop that can test it, there are a few online you may consider. They may also have re conditioned computers for sale.  

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