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I'm getting different stories about whether the fuel injectors can/should be cleaned or not. Some say if an injector goes "bad", it's bad & cleaning it wont help. So what part(s) go bad? I can test the electrical for current and that SHOULD be the first step, right? One mechanic told me to replace all the injectors but didnt even test them.

I just did a complete tune-up, including fuel and air filter, plugs, wires. It was showing a #3 misfire. After clearing the codes and driving it, things improved quite a bit but the check engine light came back on. #3 misfire.

I put some heavy duty "injector cleaner" in the gas, but if it's true that it's a waste of money to have them cleaned, that means all these fuel additives are a big rip-off!  I was told I can get an "in-vehicle" cleaning done for $100 at a shop. Would they also be ripping me off?

There are quite a few answers I need.

Hello, if a fuel injector develops a problem there's no sense in "cleaning"it, most likely it needs to be replaced since the problem is probably electromechanical, the injectors can develop high resistance which can cause intermittent sticking, don't waste your money on cleaning or additives, most decent gasolines already have injector cleaning compounds, find the real problem for the misfire. Don't pay $100 for some guy to put a can of injector cleaner in the tank, clean the throttle body and pour some chemical in the intake which won't even go through the injectors. Let me know what year and model and which engine you have and I may be able to give you some specific information and how to test the injectors without removing them and again , it may not be an injector, could be another reason for the engine misfire.  

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