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Toyota Repair/1995 Toyota Tercel - Check Engine Light


AK wrote at 2007-09-11 01:01:12
Don't be too hasty to believe the "Autozone guy."  I too own a 1995 Toyota early production model (1.5L 5AFE) Tercel, that has the OBD2 port under the dash.  Although most of the literature I have read states that OBD2 covers 1996-present, I did read several other older articles stating that this was likely true only of North American production vehicles.  Toyota and Volkswagon (probably other foreign companies as well) instituted OBD2 as early as 1994 (some late model year production vehicles).

Most auto parts stores around the greater Detroit area (and other urban areas as well) have an OBD2 reader that they will gladly lend (on-site only) in the appropriate hope that you will buy the parts from them in the off chance it is something you can fix.

In any case, screwing around with the ECM diagnostic port under the hood is always a risky endeavor and if you inadvertently short the wrong posts, bad things can happen.  Even if you do get the "blink codes" from the check engine light, I wish you luck in finding the specific code definitions anywhere on-line or otherwise (unless you are lucky, well off or wise enough to have purchased a shop manual from Toyota).  As you are likely aware, Chilton and Haynes do not have a repair manual for our Tercel; exactly why, I have yet to find out.

All things considered, best of luck to you and I wish you success in keeping your Tercel up and running.

ridinpreacher wrote at 2009-01-01 13:50:13
I have the engine light on in my 95 tercel with 175000 miles.  Jumped the terminals but got no flash.  so this method is not full proof.

Ryan wrote at 2013-06-01 23:57:15
95 toyota tercels are OBD-||. Autozone is told only 96 and newer has OBD-||. The OBD-|| connector is located in the fuse box under the steering wheel just to the left.  

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