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Toyota Repair/93 Toyota Pickup Erratic Idle


rt wrote at 2007-03-21 02:21:39
Look at the front of the throttle body. There's a screw about 3/8" in diameter. It takes a flat screw driver. Turn it clockwise to raise the idle, if not turn counter-clockwise. You probably need to set the idle to whatever your decal says under the hood. Should be around 750 rpm. Use the dash tach for reference or turn it until the engine stops searching.

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gronkbarry wrote at 2013-09-30 18:43:05
Another possibility is a blocked or partially blocked coolant line that runs from the thermostat housing to the throttle body and back to the engine. Remove the rubber hose that runs from the thermostat housing and the throttle body. ( drain some of the coolant off first) Leave the radiator cap off. Blow out the rubber line and then blow out the line that goes to the throttle body. Just puff the air into the lines a few times and be careful of the coolant that could spray out of the radiator.  

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