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Jay wrote at 2007-10-07 00:01:23
I disagree with the previous reply.  I have a 2000 Camry with the same problem. I change my oil every three months (this usually works out to be 2000 mile s or less).  The problem began at about 52000 miles.

mike wrote at 2009-09-17 07:30:45
"The Camry design is not the the problem, the problem is that people do not change their oil regularly and the valve seals deteriorate and don't seal the valve stems anymore, that said, the problem now is that the seals are leaking and causing the smoke on start up.

The course of action is up to you, you can have the seals replaced(about $1,000), put up with it and add oil as needed, or trade it in, it will progressively get worse but as long as the oil level is maintained there will be no other damage to the engine."

well i bought my camry breand new and never missed an oil change and it still happend to my car so whats the answwer now...i think it may be a design problem  

lthuedk wrote at 2011-01-02 19:25:14
My wife's 2002 Camry never missed a scheduled oil change and used Toyota oil filter.

It's 4-cyl engine emits lots of blue smoke when started up.

At 150K, this in a Toyota, is unheard of.  I drove a 77 PU for 20 years and it never smoked. 220K.  We owned an 80 Corolla 300K. No smoke.

I'm very mechanically inclined (trannys, transmission gearing, head gasket replacements, rear ends, etc) with two degrees in Science.  Your conclusions may be flawed.

I've read more than a few cases of smoking Camrys driven by responsible, oil-changing people.  It's engine design used the wrong seal material.  This is on Toyota's engine designers, not the hapless owner.

lovemytoyotas wrote at 2011-05-16 10:06:47
Not questioning the expertise here of the technician at all, but isn't this just like the kind of b.s. you here when you get to the dealer. "It's your fault" as evidenced by the statement, "the problem is that people do not change their oil regularly." No sir, that is not always then problem. If you read thoroughly about Toyota issues and speak to numerous "qualified mechanics," some Toyota's do seem in fact, develop value issues. I have three Toyota's and two of them developed this problem early on (65,000 & 91,000 miles). The oil had been changed faithfully every 3000 miles and I am OCD about maintaining the cars and records. My issue with your answer is not that it is not the value stem seals..It was!. My issue is the "blame the owner game," which "some" of you guys tend to do without further inquire. Stop blaming and simply answer the question. It would make you sound more intelligent.

X Camry owner wrote at 2011-06-02 01:49:08
No other damage except to the catalytic converter getting damaged.

Burning oil is NOT a proper way for cars to run. Toyota built crap. I have done my oil changes every 3k miles, but the desert heat was too much for this poorly designed vehicle. Two of my friends owned a Camry and also maintained there vehicles. We all live in the Phoenix area. ALL of our Camry s have the SAME problem.  

Roadking801 wrote at 2012-10-27 19:08:40
That is the farthest from the Truth I have a 2002 Camry that soes the same Oil has been changed revery three thousand and oh by the way I use Mobile One. Your previous post bust work for Toyota I have two Fords and a Lincoln LS no Problems like this ever! So much for JAP Quality

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