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Track & Field/what diameter shot put should i use


SgtDN wrote at 2010-04-07 16:49:10
Any weight shot comes in a variety of diameters.  As an example; high school girls throw a 4 kilogram, or 8.82 lbs., shot.  Allowable diameters are 95mm to 110mm.  The weight is set by the rules, the diameter by personal preference.

College thrower wrote at 2013-07-26 10:32:25
This previous answer is entirely incorrect. The diameter of shots can vary greatly without changing the weight. Your best bet would be to try out shots of various diameters until you found your favorite. Personally for me with a 12lb that was 114mm and I have to purchase a smaller diameter shot put for te college season. I personally find that it also varies whether you use the rotation or glide. I always used a larger shot in the rotation. Lastly although it was not part of the question, I will contradict the other answer. Throwing a lighter shot put in practice is a common training tool among throwers of all levels to increase speed just as a heavier shot would increase strength

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