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QUESTION: Hello, I am currently disgruntled. For some reason my legs are no longer as explosive as the year before. I ran a 6.3 in the 55m a year before and was hoping to be right at 6.1 this year however I'm in the high 6.5 at best. My legs have become stronger and I've increased my deadlift by 30kg but it's like my legs don't move like they should and Im not getting my knees up when I'm sprinting anymore. Do you know what might be wrong since my fast twitch muscles seem shut down, and do you know what I can do to fix this problem.?

ANSWER: It would help to know you age and body type Paul but, in general, if you've gotten stronger and slower, you may be carrying too much muscle. There's something known as the force velocity curve in which force and velocity are inversely related. If you've added excess force production, you may be loosing out on velocity. This is where a professional trainer should look at your training regime and do a full assessment of your routine to see if it's balanced for your body and not adding excess in the wrong areas. Please note this is a very answer with the information provided. I'd hire a fitness professional to properly assess your routine.

hope this helps.

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QUESTION: I'm just turning 18, 91 kg and muscular. All I had done was incline leg presses at 227 kg for 5 reps. Is it possible that extremely tight calves cause this problem. On of the symptoms is I can't get my knees up when I'm sprinting or even feel my legs when I'm sprinting. Thank you

As for your knee motion during sprinting, that would be a question of technique for your coach to work on with you. Someone like yourself might do well to make sure you work on your calf flexibility and any other tight areas as that will certainly enhance sprinting ability. Low rep weight training around the 5-7 rep range is too heavy for in season sprinters. One may benefit from lightening the load and working on mildly increasing speed under the instruction of a certified strength and conditioning professional.


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