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I want to double check on the sector lines that we put in a couple of weeks ago.  Another coach did it and not clear how he did it.  From the center of the ring go out 100 yards then go across 60 yards and that is where the other sector line goes?  Does this sound right?  We are in California 34.9 degrees for both shot and discus.


The ratio is sound.  The rule provides (in meters) that ten meters out from the center of the circle is established as six meters (or feet, yards). More practical is the ratio of five out and three across.  When providing such a venue we went out fifty and thirty across.  I would suggest that being certain of the reasonable distance to anticipate competitors to reach (or slightly more).  It is easier to have records where the line is still evident to help officials to avoid confusion where records land and particularly in discus landings which tend to skip or slide leaving less obvious marks.  

I hope this helps.  It applies in examples in both NFHS and NCAA rules.   Dick Howland

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