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  Im a high school senior. This season has been plagued with weirdness. This year i decided to hit the weightroom hard to drop my times. I started to do a lot of incline sitted leg presses and then increased my deadlift by over 50 pounds. I then stopped lifting so i could sprint more at practice and lose weight. However something weird started happening. At first i felt a lot faster and more powerful but later i started entering meets and my legs would feel weaker and more relaxed and even more in practice. I thought this was a lack of training problem so i tried to work past the weak feeling. However my times stayed almost. .5 seconds slower than the previous year in just the 60m. Long story short i decided it was the weight training that i need so i started using resistance bands for my hamstrings which helped but i felt put me at risk. For injury and it wasn't all the power back. So i started running again harder and over the last week my muscles aren't running well without the bands a day before and even hills and bleachers arent too effective. I am worried to use the bands because of soreness and depending on them is something weird. Well the severity increase as of last week where i didn't use the band and as i ran my legs would gradually go dead on me forcing me to run the last 100m of a 400 in 17 seconds without being tired oxygen wise. My block work is ok in the 100 but i can't get to top speed and Im. 7 seconds slower than the year before in the 100m. Can you give me advice on what to do.

Sounds like you've got a fairly involved situation here. I'd hire a certified personal trainer in your area to help you specifically deal with your issues. I can't give you accurate advice over the internet for the finer details of your request.

One thing I will say regarding your weight training, you shouldn't stop a program abruptly. Most people go on a maintenance level during season to maintain the muscle they put on during the off season. I would suggest discussing that with your trainer. So form of weight training can be of benefit for athletes over the age of 16-17 years of age. Start with a trainer for a few sessions Paul. I'm sure you'll make some headway.

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