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Hello, I am a 18 year old boy, 6'3" 198lbs, very muscular physique
I have increased my squat strength by 150lbs from the previous year and at the same time dropped 10lbs of my body weight and have increased my flexibility yet I am still running the same times. Is it possible that it is just a issue in running form or could there be something that is preventing me from making gains.

The answer with the information that we have Paul is that everything affects your times. What you do in the gym, your body weight and your technique are all factors. Without seeing your entire routine, it's really tough to make a judgement call for you. I would certainly discuss it with your coach and estimate whether you're carrying too much muscle for the given event that you're competing in.(I'm guessing it's a sprint). One thing that may help you to know is that more muscle will only equal more speed to a point before it becomes to cumbersome to carry down the track. Best to assess things with your coach and see if you're at a good size because it will have a large impact on your running motion and overall speed.

hope this helps.  

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