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I'm 14 and a female and I was wondering what are good throws for someone at me age? I've only been doing track for one season last year (spring) and only started throwing the last week and a half of that season. My current PRs are 27ft 5in. for shot put (that was when I was 13) and 63ft 5in for discus. Is that good, above average, or below average for someone with my inexperience and at my age? I really would like to go to the Olympics but I'm not sure if that's even a possiblity in a couple years. How far would I have to throw and how much progress would I have to make in order to be ranked by the time I'm 16?

Those are good starting distances Anna, I would say you've got some potential in the shot put for sure. I would focus on improving your technique and training and the results will come. It's very important that you work on goals that are action based. These are the types of goals we have control over.

In other words, we can't perfectly predict how far we'll throw but, we can predict that we'll probably throw further if we train 3 times a week instead of two times a week. So, start planning actions in your program that will help you improve. The Olympians I know are very good at training consistently and effectively and that has afforded them great results in their competitive careers.

Hope this Helps.  

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