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we just looked at a 806 and drove it. after driving checked hydrolic oil and the dip stik is just about worn in half and looks like a gear chewed on the dip stick below where it is about worn in shifts good until you go from second to third it seems like theres to much space in between them.anything we should look at or how much to fix?


  The dipstick was probably rubbing on a gear from being bent a little which made it rub.  You may want to replace it if it is almost worn in two pieces.  The shift linkage for the speed transmission may have some worn out or loose parts, broken detent springs, or worn out shift cam.  These are located under the steering column in front of the park lock lever.  It probably is not an internal transmission problem.  The shift linkages on these models are notorious for things wearing out and getting loose.  By removing the sheet metal next to the shift levers, you should be able to watch the linkage while shifting and see where there are worn or loose parts. If you do not feel the detents click into each gear, the speed transmission cover under the steering column pedestal will have to be removed to replace the detent spring and rollers or the cam.

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