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Trans Filter
Trans Filter  

I have a Case 1070 with a front end loader.  When I first start the tractor I am unable to raise and lower the loader. The loader shakes when trying to raise. Hydraulic pressure is good, but the trans. filter gauge stays in the red.  I let the tractor warm up for about 15 minutes and the pressure is a little bit better, but not operating at 100%.  I am able to load hay bales, but it does struggle when having to raise the loader higher to stack bails on the top row.  After operating the tractor half the day the trans. filter gauge will be in the green.  The other half of the day it stays in the red. We changed the transmission fluid and filters a few weeks  ago.

What could be the problem?

Is it safe to continue to operate the tractor when the trans. filter gauge is in the red ?

In the attached picture it is green on the second half of the day.

Thank you for your help.


Justin, there's a couple of things that could be going wrong. First, you could have a stuck hydraulic valve that is diverting pressure, OR, your diverter valve is bad. Check them both, but I am pretty sure you have a stuck hydraulic valve somewhere.....check the coupler block, make sure your levers are in neutral. Clean all your hydraulic screens. If this doesn't help, measure your actual hydraulic output and see if it compares to factory specs. Good luck!

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