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QUESTION: I'm pulling a V-ripper with my magnum 7140 and when the ripper hits a hard spot in the field the tractor slows down while RPMs only drop a little but tractor doesn't slip like it should or lug down RPMs like it should. I'm pulling in 7th gear and dropped into 6 thinking it could be that clutch pack but it did same thing in 6th as in 7th. What do you think and is there a service port I can connect my pressure gauge to check clutch press? I ordered a new service manual but it hasn't arrived yet and I don't want to have to make a service call if I don't have to.

ANSWER: Hi Chris. The first thing to do is to check your hydraulic fluid levels. Then, start the tractor on level ground. Use a tube (like a piece of PVC pipe) like an ear horn to listen to the transmission in various locations. If you hear no unusual noises, compare with the clutch engaged by someone in the cab. If you still hear no unusual noises, then your clutch pack MAY have problems anyway.BUT. Your transmission control valve may have a defective odd/even spool, and you should check that out first. You haven't mentioned seeing any warning lights, which you generally WOULD see, but it's worth checking out. I will say, however, that the clutch pack is probably the culprit here. They are relatively easy to service if you have a shop space, and I would wait on the service manual. It will give you good reference and excellent troubleshooting data. Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wow that was fast. When you replyed to my question I immediately jumped out of the cab and listened. I'm hearing kind of like a grinding or rattling sound coming from rear end with it at idle and in park. No warning lights are on but a couple of years ago it did have a problem when it would be sitting idle the oil press and trans press lights would come on. I fixed all that but when my cousin would run it the shut down override would be on with the lights flashing. So I turned up the idle so RPMs wouldn't come down to low. And I even glued the override switch. But do you think the damage might have already been done?

Chris, it looks like the clutch pack is defective..But with service calls being so expensive, I would certainly recommend that you do SOME internal can possibly pinpoint the problem and that will keep your downtime to a minimum in case you DO have to have a service tech out.

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