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1070 clutch diagram
1070 clutch diagram  
hi Taylor
I have been running a 9ft disc mower behind this tractor and the mower bogs out and doesnt cut in dense grass.  My speed is slow and the disc is rated for a 60hp tractor. The hrs on the 1070 are unknown so after some reading I am assuming the pto clutch is worn and slipping (the PTO brake also doesnt stop motion).  I want to rebuild the unit and want your advise as to how much should be replaced in the pack other than the drive & driven plates and separator springs.  There is alot of other pieces in there like sealing rings,expander springs, backing plate, orings etc.  how much of this would you replace if you were doing the job?  for the pto brake, just the pad?


Joe, as much as you don't want this answer.....replace the entire clutch pack. It will save you a LOT of down-time and money, believe it. If it's VERY obvious that some of the parts have minimal wear, OK, keep them, but I'd replace the pack. As for the pto brake, if the pad is worn, yes, just the pad.

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