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I have a 1976 case 1070 w 6400 hrs.
It starts and runs fine doesn't use oil or coolant great on fuel economy.
Problem is that it smokes a lot on startup like fogging for mosquitoes it clears up some once it warms up but still has a blue grey haze and smell like raw unburnt fuel even though it was very hot out in the 80s. Would a cold running engine do this? I thought temp gauge was faulty because it was in the yellow so I checked with a lazer thermometer to see that it was running at 160'f . what should temp be and will this cause this smoking issue?

Mike, don't change a thing. That tractor is running cool, and that's great. It should be running between 190 and 210F so you are doing fine. Once it runs for several hours, it will be running more efficiently in fuel-burning, but for now, just be glad! If it continues after another 600 hours or so, run some injector cleaner/conditioner through it, but otherwise, enjoy a cool-running engine!

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